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"Information literacy is a set of abilities requiring individuals to 'recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information.'" (American Library Association)

Information literacy is the library's "hidden curriculum."  We aren't just here for students and staff to check out bookswe want you to become adept at using information!  Information literacy is part of the "hidden curriculum," because while these skills are deemed essential for students to learn, there's no credit-bearing course in which these skills are overtly taught.  Librarians have a lot to teach, but no course in which to teach it.  It is therefore a shared responsibility of librarians and instructors to collaborate and ensure these skills are being addressed in courses taught at the college. 

Information literacy skills are addressed at Madisonville Community College through Competency B of the KCTCS General Education Competencies: Intellectual and Practical Skills.  The library supports Gen Ed instructors in helping students meet these competencies in their courses.  Instruction in the use of the library and other information resources is also a responsibility of the college in order to meet the requirements of SACSCOC accreditation standard 11.3: Library and Learning/Information Access.

The library at Madisonville Community College addresses the instruction of information literacy in three ways:

1) Collaboration with instructors, usually with the librarians providing some kind of instruction of information literacy skills inside a course in relation to a specific assignment that addresses information literacy skills, such as a research assignment.  Librarians will happily help instructs students on information literacy in a course through different means, including through class visits to the library, or online in Blackboard.  Librarians can work with instructors to develop assignments that will specifically address information literacy skills.

2) Point-of-use information literacy instruction.  Students are always welcome to ask the library staff for assistance with information literacy assignments, either in person at the Loman C. Trover Library, or remotely through email, chat, or over the phone.

3) Through the MCC Library website, including through the library's Get Answers and Subject Guides pages.  Students have a wealth of self-guided options for learning information literacy as they progress through assignments with the use of the library's LibGuides and LibAnswers platforms, which are instructional in nature.

KCTCS also institutes an Information Literacy Curriculum Committee to oversee which information literacy learning outcomes should be met.  In 2019, the Information Literacy Curriculum Committee established the following three information literacy learning outcomes for the instruction of library use at the colleges: 1) Find information; 2) Use information; and 3) Evaluate information.


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