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PRIMO is the library's search engine.  It will search just about all of the library's subscription databases (EBSCO, ProQuest, Gale, etc.) all at the same time.  It will also search the eBooks on EBSCOhost collection and the KCTCS Library Catalog to show you results from the library's book collection.  Therefore, when you do a search using Primo, your search results will show you online fulltext articles and e-booksphysical print books held in the library, as well as some freely linked web resources which are housed throughout the web.


Primo is a good search engine to use if you have a broad topic, you are just starting out your research, or you are wanting to find a lot of different types of information on a topic.  While Primo offers the convenience of searching everything in one interface, sometimes the amount of information retrieved can be very overwhelming.


It is recommended that you access individual databases if you have a specific topic, you are looking for information on a specific discipline.  You can access a list of databases broken down by subject.

Searching in Primo:

Primo search box

Let's take a look at a detailed search using Primo.  We'll search for "junk food" to look for resources.  This might be a topic that you are intested in learning more about if you are writing a position paper or a cause and effect paper in an English 101 class.

Here is a screen shot with all of the results.  There's lots of different stuff on here, so we'll break it down a bit.

Search results screen in Primo

1) Books & eBooks

Screenshot showing Primo search results for books.

Screenshot showing how to open a book.

Screenshot showing how to access ebooks in Primo.

2) Articles

Peer-reviewed articles (scholarly articles):

Screenshot showing articles in a Primo search results page.

Non-peer-reviewed articles (Magazines/newspapers):

Screenshot showing articles in a Primo search results page.

Screenshot showing how to access an article in Primo.

If you need help accessing and using the eBooks, please contact the library.

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