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Films on Demand is the library's online database of educational videos.  If you are interested in learning more about a topic, or showing a video in class as part of a presentation, you can access Films on Demand and search for a film or a film segment about your topic.

Films on Demand is also incredibly useful for teachers, especially teachers who teach online classes.  The videos on Films on Demand are typically broken up into short 1-2 minute long film segments that can be inserted into Blackboard lessons as the teacher sees fit.

Searching in Films on Demand

The videos that are found in Films on Demand are usually informative, educational, documentary videos.  Many of the videos are usually long (30 minutes to an hour in length).  However, in Films on Demand, the videos are normally broken up into segments.  For example, an hour-long documentary about Yellowstone National Park might be broken up into twenty or so 2-minute long segments.  Each segment would deal with a smaller topic that gets addressed during that documentary.  The segment might focus on bears for a few minutes, and then the next segment might be about wolves.  

You can search the videos either by title or segment.  So if you're interested in Yellowstone National Park as a whole, you would be able to search by title and find the entire documentary.  Or, you can search the videos by segment.  If you search by segment for "bears," you'd be able to find just the 2:00 segment on bears from that film. 

The reason Films on Demand breaks it up like this is so that teachers are able to find segments—short clips about a topic—and show them in class throughout the course of their lesson. 

Once you do a search, your search results will be listed along the right side of the page.  To open a video, you can click right on the picture of the video to the left of its title.

Search screen in Films on Demand

Selecting videos by subject

In addition to doing a film or segment search, you can also access a segment by browsing.  Below the search box of the Films on Demand screen, you will notice that the entire collection of films is displayed alphabetically by subject. Subjects are broken up into 28 categories, beginning with "Anthropology" and ending with "World Languages." You can click on "View All Titles" to be taken to the page for that subject, or you can click on the "subjects" tab at the top of the page to see a list of all 28 different categories.

Once you click on a subject, you will be taken to the subject's page. On the left side of the subject's page, you can see the subject further broken down into sub-categories. For example: on the "Health & Medicine" page, the vidoes are sub-categorized into "Diseases, Disorders & Disabilities," "Health Care & Treatment," "Health Careers," etc. The sub-categories are then even broken up into narrower categories, like "Blood Diseases," "Cancer," "Dental Care," etc. You can click on any of these narrow headings to see all the available segments and films on that topic.

Searching by subject in Films on Demand

Watching a video

Once you click on a segment or a title, it will take you to the video.  The video appears on the left side of the screen, and it will be loaded to begin with the segment that you selected.  For example, say you selected the segment about "wolves" from the film "Yellowstone National Park."  The film "Yellowstone National Park" is what is on the screen, but it's automatically set up to start with the segment about wolves.  On the right side, you can see all the different segments from the film.  If you'd like to see a different segment than the one you've selected, you can click on a different segment. 

Below the video player are the tools you can use.  The film's URL and embed code are useful if you want to embed the film into a Blackboard lesson, or if you want to put a link in a Blackboard lesson to the film.  You can also email the film to yourself, or to another student. You can also click on "citation" to see how you can do a citation if you want to cite the film in a works cited page. 

You can set up a free account in Films on Demand.  By setting up a free account, you can add films to your favorites list, and also you can build custom playlists by stringing together different segments from different films.  If you are a teacher, you can provide a link of your playlist to your students, and this will enable your students to access many different segments related to a lesson at one time.

Watching a video in Films on Demand

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